LEASING OF VEHICLES AND LOADS petroleum and petrochemical products is one of the most effective development of our company, therefore we assit your company at every stage of your loading and unloading with the expert assistance of the crew and guidiance, thus giving you time to focus on that It is the most important for the growth of your organization.

Property acquired on lease covers all lease payments and benefits the company from day one. However, the main advantage of leasing operations is the ability to use the leased asset without paying its full cost. OOO Novator rents various types of special vehicles and equipment, both domestic and foreign production. Lease financing can be granted for the purchase of new and used special vehicles.

Special vehicles types: Municipal vehicles used for transportation of petroleum products and petrochemicals. Construction equipment (loaders, excavators, cranes, etc.) Injection machine. Automotive equipment for transporting heavy loads. Access control equipment for loading and transport (fishing line trucks, tail lifts, hydraulic cranes)

PRIORITY OF FINANCE LEASE EQUIPMENT, are as follows: Leasing of trade, storage, technological and energy equipment. Leasing of equipment for service stations and restaurants. Energy Plus Consultant has successfully implemented a large number of projects for financing equipment. We’d love to hear your projects, provided that they meet the following criteria.

EQUIPMENT CRITERIA: Identification of equipment (the exact name, type, make, model, modification, the vehicle identification number or serial number of the production, the manufacturer, year of manufacture) Liquidity equipment (availability of similar equipment on the market and the availability of market trading) The equipment must be new It would be preferable that you have an agreement to repurchase supplier Energy Plus Consultant always takes into account the specific characteristics of the business, and customers require to offer the best deal.

To become a customer/client of Energy Plus Consultant is very easily. Just make a request to rent online. Our manager will contact you shortly to discuss the terms of financing, as well as calculate the lease payment schedule.

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