In our sales project, we carry out our sales operations in partnership with manufacturers both regional and foreign partners interested in: • Direct investments in infrastructure projects of fuel and energy complex; • Purchase and processing of oil and gas; • Trade of the Russian energy resources. • Long-term financing (advance) of contracts in order to obtain petrochemical products for the initial price.

with the help of technological progress of our organization comes the need for scriutinize all items in our warehouses to ensure that their standard and features the highest origin. We offer our customers high quality of oil and gas at the lowest possible prices. • Fuel for jet engines, • Mazut M100, • Diesel fuel / heating oil, • Marine Fuels, • Gasoline, • LPG, LNG

The activities of the sales department in Energy Plus Consultant includes investments and trading of hydrocarbons through its partners and refineries. We provide consulting services in the areas of finance, sales and support of oil export operations. Consumers and traders, we assist in the purchase, distribution and export of petrochemical products. Deliveries are made directly from the catalog of resources or our oil depots, warehouses which makes it possible to deliver the goods in large quantities and at low prices.

We contributes to further increase quotas and deliveries. Our competitiveness in the market is based on an understanding of the petrochemical market, financial capacity and administrative resources. Our company is able to organize the supply of petrochemical products to customers around the world. The financial capabilities allow us to find the best solutions for our partners.

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